fresh seafood home delivery mussels



All of our mussels are graded for size, weight and appearance, as well as being debyssed (debearded) so that there is minimum preparation prior to cooking. Indeed our mussels are ready for the pot straight out of the tray or net.


Mussels are packed in:

MAP Trays

1kg and 2kg trays packed with a modified atmosphere providing a drip free, easy to store product with a shelf-life up to 8 days.

Net Bags

 The classic net of Mussels in 1kg and 2kg with printed ribbon handle.



Our Scallops are caught and landed locally and then expertly prepared by our own team of Scallop Cutters. Wherever possible we use Scallops landed daily to ensure the freshest quality for our customers.

Scallops are packed in:

1kg of cut Scallop Meat with roe on.

Half Shell
Scallop meat presented in half shell and cleaned ‘in-shell’ recipes.