cornish mussel farming

Our Story

Fowey Shellfish Company started in 1995 when Dave Hancock had the vision to create Cornwall’s first offshore rope grown mussel farm. Growing on ropes, as opposed to the traditional method of growing on beds, was a new technology at the time. Rope grown mussels allow the farmer to locate his site in pure water away from the pollution that can be found close to shore. The mussels have a plentiful supply out to sea and grow quicker and larger than their bed grown counterparts.

By 2016 the farm had increased its production to 250 tonnes per annum of Cornish mussel and since then the farm has increased it’s size and in 2018 became the UK’s first Soil Association certified ‘Organic’ mussel farm.

In 2018 a programme of capital investment allowed the introduction of a cutting edge modified atmosphere packing line to maintain a fresh, clean product with industry leading shelf life.